dimanche 23 septembre 2012

What If ?

What if. What if you already know the person whom you will share your whole lifetime with? What if she/he's the person sitting right next to you? And what if that person is actually your girl/boy bestfriend. Or perhaps, you've seen that person walking on the street before, and you gently passed by. We never tell ourselves if that person we walk by could be someone very important for us in the near or distant future. We never ask ourselves if that complete stranger could one day be the one who completes us. It's quite funny and bizzare to think that at this very moment there's a person with whom you will cherish life together. But you don't know him/her yet, and that's exactly what's queer. Maybe the girl I will love is reading this blog, or maybe she has no idea I even exist at all. But then one day we will meet, and while we never thought that we would be together, from here are we going to make our "forever". But who is that person? Sincerely, the question arises from the depths of my heart. Do I already know her? I want to know. Because I don't want to have a lot before the right one, there's no need for that kind of waste of effort. I just want to know if I know her, or else, I might have to search fonder and deeper. But I will quest for her heart, anywhere it might be on the face of the earth. And once I captivate her, I won't let go no more. But then, another question arises : What if she has already captivated mine and I just still don't know?

J. Powers

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