vendredi 19 octobre 2012

The Pursuit Of A Dream

Dear Reader,

Today is the 19th of October, the 10th month of 2012. This week was a heck of a heavy one. Like school and exams and everything. You know that feeling when you just had 9 hours straight of college, boring and incomprehensible classes. And just when you get home you have ahead of you hours of revision, procrastination and such. Like yes teachers, we do not have a life aside from school and studies. [insert sarcasm laugh here]

Sometimes I get a feeling like I just want an escapade. I want to get rid of this mundane, redundant, repetitive routine. Yes, that was a pleonasm. But don't you get that feeling too? Like you want to travel and forget everything, and start anew. See new things, discover and learn from a different point of view. When I think of it, there's far more better in life to be done. But these are all just dreams and we are still here, stuck into reality.

When will we one day have the freedom to actually not just dream but realize those dreams. Dreams.. Something that can be a sweet thought to the mind, but can seem so unreachable. A dream or an ambition can seem so distant, like the moon. Let's have that for instance, the moon. Something that we've seen from planet earth since billions of years. Who would've thought that someday we would reach it. I can imagine the feeling Armstrong had when he first stepped on the moon. Somehow, that's the feeling you have when you finally achieve that dream. It took them years and years before finally stepping on the moon. But they believed. 

And I guess for the time being, that's what we should do. Believe. Dreams aren't unreachable after all, it just takes time and perseverance and willingness to achieve that dream. Someday we'll get it, someday our ambition, our dream is going to be our reality. Just don't lose hope. Trust and persevere.

Yours truly,
J. Powers

vendredi 5 octobre 2012

Unforgettable, that's what it is.

Dear Reader,

I hope you had a great week and a wonderful friday. Today I've seen the finale episode of the series I've been watching for almost three months. It's a show presented by GMA called One True Love.

A beautiful story that tells us that, throughout every trial and against all odds, love has no bound. It is limitless. But that is only if it's genuine love. It also shows us that if you truly love a person, you would do anything at all cost to keep that love you have.

But what would you do if the person you love the most is dying? What if that person has only a few months left to live? As we always hear "time is gold". Yes, time is precious and every moment spent with the person your heart has chosen to love should be cherished. Life can be taken away at any time, we never know what the future has in store. So do not take for granted someone that is real close to your heart.

Sometimes in life, we tend to forget the real worth of people so we neglect them carelessly. But we only know the real value of someone when they're absent. That's because you will miss the things they usually do, their voice, their laugh, and even their flaws and imperfectness. When they're gone you will want every single thing of those back and therefore you realize their real value.

That is why you should do everything to make the person you love happy. And always remind her how much you love her and what is her value, because one day these could all be memories you will just look back and remember.

Life is like a huge photo album. You will live each moment only once, and then it never happens again. But then it stays on your mind and freezes like a picture. As the time goes by, you gradually collect these pictures in your head and you look at it. Pictures are meant to remind you of the beautiful memories you've had. So collect as many as you can, and do not leave things undone.

As long as there's still time, use it wisefully to give love as much as you can, don't let a single smile slip away, and make every heartbeat worth it for the person you love and for yourself. Do not live with full of regrets, because it's unhealthy. Make every moment count and live the genuine, one true love with the person you have chosen to love. Unforgettable, that's what it is.

Yours truly,
J. Powers

lundi 1 octobre 2012

She Was My Bestfriend

Dear Reader,

Today is the 1st of October. Happy October! The blog for this day is not going to be about any philosophical discussion or anything. It's just about me, and putting into words what I feel. I guess, I can say that I'm one guy that really doesn't play with love. Yes, love is a serious matter and you should not play around with it. 

Sometimes we think that love instantly comes when you see a person. You, then, like the person by the looks and the "appeal". It sounds so stereotypical, you see it on TV, movies, you read it on magazines, you hear it on the music you listen. But I don't think it happens likewise. You don't fall in love with a person, by the appearance, it's so much more than that. For me, it didn't happen like that. 

I fell in love with my bestfriend.
And it was the best of things that happened to me. I knew her since we were kids but she became my bestfriend around our early teenage years. She was one person who stood out among anybody else. She was the bestfriend. We would hang out together, talk through the phone for hours (litterally), do crazy stuff together. When I was with her, it's almost as if my problems flew away. I knew nothing but me, her and the quality time we spent together. We even told each other our secrets, big or little it may be we would tell it to each other. But there was this one thing I couldn't tell her. My feelings for her.
I fell in love with her, everything about her. I loved the way she was. Her smile, her inner and outer beauty, and even her flaws. The way she would hug me as well and make me feel good when I was down. Every little thing. I couldn't and didn't want to tell this to her fearing that I might be rejected. I just wanted to keep it for myself and just feel the bright and warm colors of our sweet friendship. Somehow, I thought that I knew that there was a possibility between both of us. But I guess that was where I was wrong. I should've not hidden it and I should've not expected too much.

Then the day came, when she knew about it. She was devastated and I was too. Because I knew that everything would come to an end. And it did come to an end. She didn't want to see me anymore, or even talk to me. It was like a restraining order. She was the first girl to whom I shed tears. I don't want to tell you the whole story, but to sum it up and to make it very short, that is how it looked like if you had to make a sneak peak about it.

Sigh. Sometimes, I ask myself, why did it have to happen like that? Maybe I was the jerk in the story. Maybe it wasn't the right time at the right place. But I guess, in every kind of situation you go through, whether it's good or bad, you learn something out of it. The only thing that breaks my heart is that before having any sort of feelings for her, she was my bestfriend. And now, after Lord knows how many years of friendship, we happen to be total strangers to each other. But I can't do much about it because that's how it's supposed to be I reckon, and we don't choose our destiny. 

Some people tell me to get a grip and move on, but I guess I never will. Trying to forget her is like trying to remember someone you've never known. I won't forget her, but now, I'm setting her free. And all I can hope for is her happiness and inner peace. I also hope that someday she will find the one guy that will make her complete. Something, I guess I couldn't give her. I want you to be free...

J. Powers

PS: This month's your birthday, advanced happy birthday.