vendredi 19 octobre 2012

The Pursuit Of A Dream

Dear Reader,

Today is the 19th of October, the 10th month of 2012. This week was a heck of a heavy one. Like school and exams and everything. You know that feeling when you just had 9 hours straight of college, boring and incomprehensible classes. And just when you get home you have ahead of you hours of revision, procrastination and such. Like yes teachers, we do not have a life aside from school and studies. [insert sarcasm laugh here]

Sometimes I get a feeling like I just want an escapade. I want to get rid of this mundane, redundant, repetitive routine. Yes, that was a pleonasm. But don't you get that feeling too? Like you want to travel and forget everything, and start anew. See new things, discover and learn from a different point of view. When I think of it, there's far more better in life to be done. But these are all just dreams and we are still here, stuck into reality.

When will we one day have the freedom to actually not just dream but realize those dreams. Dreams.. Something that can be a sweet thought to the mind, but can seem so unreachable. A dream or an ambition can seem so distant, like the moon. Let's have that for instance, the moon. Something that we've seen from planet earth since billions of years. Who would've thought that someday we would reach it. I can imagine the feeling Armstrong had when he first stepped on the moon. Somehow, that's the feeling you have when you finally achieve that dream. It took them years and years before finally stepping on the moon. But they believed. 

And I guess for the time being, that's what we should do. Believe. Dreams aren't unreachable after all, it just takes time and perseverance and willingness to achieve that dream. Someday we'll get it, someday our ambition, our dream is going to be our reality. Just don't lose hope. Trust and persevere.

Yours truly,
J. Powers

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