lundi 31 décembre 2012

What are your resolutions?

Dear friend,
Happy new year to the other half of the world! And a patient wait to all of us here holding on for it to come. So for the coming year 2013, have you already settled and written down your resolutions? I haven't yet. And I'm not even quite sure if, first off, I have fully accomplished those of this year. But one thing about the next year which is real close is to not expect anything from ourselves. Because expectations will always fail us, and trust me it will now or then. My only wish for 2013 is for it to be an adventure. 

You know a whole year is like a roller-coaster. It has its ups and downs, and it also has twists and loops. It can look very scary from the outside, but once you're on it you can't back out. You gotta need a lot of courage and you know, just live in the moment. In my humble opinion, it's good and wise to set a few challenges and changes in your life for this coming year, but don't put too much pressure on yourself. Just let things fall into place. Plan your thang and let God do the accomplishment. There are gonna be a lot of surprises. Things you haven't expected. Things that weren't included in your "list". 

At times you may be disappointed and you be like things aren't going the way I thought it would have been. Oh boy, I can tell you there are gonna be downs. But it's not a reason for you to give up just yet. As a matter of fact, just like in a ride, throw your hands up through the highs and lows and bring yourself together. Just enjoy the 365 days, 8760 hours, 525'600 minutes and 31'536'000 seconds of this year 2013 with a whole lotta courage and faith. Leave everything in the palm of His hand, and thank him for each and every day that will come by. 

My resolution for this year is to have enough strength and faith to enjoy this year's adventure. And to let God do the makeover in whatever aspect of my life. Happy new year friend!

Yours truly,
J. Powers

vendredi 21 décembre 2012

Au Jour Le Jour.

Dear reader,
It's been a long time since I haven't written, so here I am once again. 'Tis the season to be jolly ain't it? Christmas, New Year, and everything.. But is it really a merry season? I hear a whole lotta people bragging about how christmas is so stressful, being under pressure buying gifts, party organisation, going through loads of people shopping gifts in the mall, talking about being broke as hell just right after the festivities, and so on and so forth. For students like me, we just had our midterm exams, which means a lot of preparation, revision, procrastination, many (all of 'em) nights without no sleep, early bird at school, you name it. Cherry on top. 

Sometimes I just ask myself, why don't we just cut all the fuss out, sit back and relax? We are constantly running after something. After this, after that. Stressing about the time left yet still got a lot to do. I know some people just want this season to end because they can't bear that kinda fuss. And I'm one of those.
But now, come to think of it, let's take a break. Let's sink into our own inner world and find peace. Forget about what's happening around, what people say, what people think, what people expect. Just go meet the soul that is contained in that body of yours.

People have been talking lately about this "end of the world" trending topic. You gotta be dumb to believe such a thing. Of course we all know it won't occur, wait let me correct, it hasn't occurred. But imagine if it really would have happened? Let's say that you have but 21 days to live. How would you use those 504 hours left? Would you spend them running around stressing, having to tick those things you wrote on your to-do-list? You know just sit back and enjoy every minute of the day God has given you, because that moment won't ever happen again. Life doesn't come with a play/pause/rewind/fast forward built-in. It goes on and you won't be able to come back. So just live life to the fullest, without ever having to race with time, et vis au jour le jour. Carpe Diem. 

Just do me a favor, cut the stress out, and just put a smile on that face, seek your soul and find peace in the midst of that storm, and remember the real essence of the season, that Christ is born for you to be free from all those chains.

Yours truly,
J. Powers